FiboChart - Fibonacci Retracement and Extension Overlay Tool for Stock and Forex Traders

Fibonacci Chart Overlay for Stock and Forex Traders

It is no secret that predictive power lies in Fibonacci Retracement levels. These reversal points paired with smart money management and trading techniques can increase the probability of profitable trades. There are many trading strategies that involve Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Extension levels. However, some of the mainstream web-based trading platforms, such as Scottrade, do not offer Fibonacci analysis tools. FiboChart is a transparent overlay tool that works with your favorite charts, including Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance,, and Scottrade.

Latest Features

  • Non-Standard Fibonacci Levels

    FiboChart now supports adding non-standard support and resistance levels to your charts.

  • Improved User Interface

    FiboChart's interface has been enhanced to make it easier to overlay your favorite charts with Fibonacci Retracement and Extension grids.

  • Apply Fibonacci grids to any chart
  • Use Fib extensions to quickly spot profitable exit points
  • Quickly spot support and resistance levels
  • Target market reversals
  • Calculate Pivot Points

Fibonacci Retracements

The drag and drop high and low range lines are fully adjustable and when applied to the high and low range of price waves on a chart, provide the standard 61.8%, 50%, 38.2% and 23.6% retracement or reversal levels. These levels are used to help determine probable turning points for entry, exit and stop loss points.
For a demo of FiboChart click on the videos below:

Fibonacci Extensions

FiboChart includes the standard Fibonacci Extension levels of 119.1%, 138.2%, 161.8%, and 261.8% used by many traders as profit targets for closing partial or full positions from either the long or short side. These Fibonacci trading strategies are the cornerstone of methods used effectively by those at and TraderX.
Calculate Fibonacci Ratios with FiboChart

Pivot Points

FiboChart also provides a tab for quick and convenient Pivot Point calculations based on prior day price action and current opening price. Many Fibonacci traders use these morning calculations to determine the direction of the day's session.

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